Every organization produces tons of data. Few capture this data and even fewer utilize it in a meaningful way. Set your firm apart and gain cutting-edge insight into your organization by automatically tracking and monitoring data in real-time with custom-designed dashboards. Use this new insight to drive significant value - RCI dashboards have saved clients an average of $400k during the first year of use alone! Implementation typically takes 3-4 weeks but the impact on your business will last for years.

Check out some of our popular dashboard features and solutions below.

  • Easy to Deploy
  • Automated Insights
  • Integrate Data Sources
  • Share Through Organization
  • Management Dashboards
  • Production Dashboards
  • Inventory Dashboards
  • Finance Dashboards
  • Sales Dashboards
  • Custom Dashboards

Contact us today to get set up with customized dashboard solutions that uncover hidden insights into your business and drive growth or view some of our sample dashboards below.

Sample Dashboards

Click on any part of the dashboards below to interact with the data.

It typically takes 3-4 weeks for us to develop and deploy dashboards in most organizations. We begin by gathering requirements from stakeholders (management, analysts, end-users, etc.). We then come up with an initial design and refine this design with stakeholders. Once conceptual agreement has been reached, we construct the dashboard and deploy it across the organization.