Gathering data and feedback from your employees is essential to staying out ahead of & mitigating issues within your workforce.

Measuring employee attitudes, and engagement is important to an organization. Research has shown time and time again that these attitudes are directly related to core business measures of success including profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, quality, and retention. Measuring things like engagement, job satisfaction, managerial relationships, and culture on a regular basis allow you to capitalize on strengths as well as implement countermeasures to address any issues that come to light during a survey and feedback process.

  • Engagement Surveys
  • Pulse Checks
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Culture
  • 360 Feedback
  • Managerial Relationships

RCI will take the stress of this process away by developing comprehensive questionnaires, running analyses, conducting focus group sessions to get to the root cause of issues occurring within the organization, and provide reports and presentations to review with upper management. We even will develop recommendations on how to address various issues that may present themselves.