Even with stringent safe guards in place, quality issues still occur. RCI provides abnormality control for your organization when these quality issue arise as well as the necessary manpower at your location and/or at your customers to sort material and goods.

We also write the necessary standard work for the inspection process and even perform some types of rework to your product when needed. Finally, tracking and feedback systems will be setup in order to allow your organization to find and fix root causes of quality problems.

Check out some of our popular Quality solutions below.

  • Quality Inspection
  • Problem Solving
  • Advanced Quality Planning
  • Engineering & Technical Support
  • Containment
  • Scanning Systems
  • Project Management
  • New Product Launch Support
  • Rework & Scrap
  • Quality Management
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Process Auditing

There are many organizations that provide this type of service, but what makes RCI different? Not only do we help you contain the issue, we go one step further and help you through the problem solving process to find the root cause and implement the countermeasure to eliminate the problem.

RCI can quickly build a containment system to provide sorting services to ensure defect-free product delivery to customers. We begin with a quality sort where nonconforming parts are designated as obsolete or repaired to established OEM quality standards. We then provide and train the manpower needed onsite to sort parts on location, at a supplier, or at the customer. We will create the standardized work, set up the inspection process, and train the inspectors. A feedback system will also be deployed to track the defects with the data you need to perform problem solving.