Sales and Operations planning (S&OP), the cross-functional process to align the commercial processes of sales and marketing with the operational processes of supply and production; is one of the most important and yet challenging processes within an organization. Research suggest that business leaders believe that 60 to 70 percent of S&OP processes are ineffective in driving and aligning demand planning with operational planning. RCI has a proven record of accomplishment within S&OP by optimizing inventories, introducing scheduling tools and analytics, redesigning processes and assisting with legacy or new systems.

Check out some of our popular S&OP solutions below.

  • Level-Loading
  • Custom S&OP Processes
  • Seasonal Demand Analysis
  • Optimizing Inventory Levels
  • Production Wheel Solvers

With advanced TPS principles and production wheel concepts, RCI can assist your operational planning formats while gaining increases in capacity and obtaining cost reductions.