Changing technology and equipment, as well as retiring baby boomers has led to a skills shortage in the workforce. RCI will identify the skills gaps within your workforce and develop a comprehensive and targeted plan to address them.

A skills gap assessment is a type of needs assessment that refers to the process used to determine whether training is necessary, if training can accomplish the desired goal, and is the critical first step in the training development process. Multiple levels of assessment at the organization, job, and person level, using multiple methods will be used to identify the specific gaps present, and develop targeted solutions.

  • Customized
  • Computer based
  • Individual Reports
  • Training Road Maps
  • Gap Analysis
  • Hands-on Skill Assessments

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Below are items that we assess and examine:

- Key organizational objectives & strategies
- Organization resources available
- Skills needed now, and in the future
- Key indicators of success
- KSAs that are required to meet the business objectives
- Training methods that need to be deployed
- Current capabilities of employees
- Skill gaps present within the workforce
- Level of employee readiness for development
- Organizational readiness for implementation
- Business impact by closing skills gaps