Participate in our regional surveys to gain valuable insight into industry trends while contributing to our area's growing body of research.

RCI is committed to contributing to the body of knowledge regarding our region. By leading research on topics that are of great interest to local and regional employers, we can provide insight not only into your specific organization, but into industries, and the region as a whole. Looking for trends within the data, as well as making predications from results, can make this region more competitive.

We are very excited for the launch of our SE TN/NW GA Workforce Agility study that will be live in September 2018. We are examining various dimensions of workforce agility and how they impact organizations, as well as profiling the current state of workforce agility in the region. Check out the list of dimensions below:

Here we explore the employee comfort level with technology, how they use it on the job, and how it is used to drive performance.

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