With the competitive labor market and unemployment at historic lows, the talent pool is shrinking. The need for employers to invest in their workforce is even more important than it has been. RCI is here to help transform your workforce into skilled, agile employees, equipped with the knowledge and abilities to be successful.

Don't have a structured training program to develop your employees? RCI will work with you to develop a comprehensive training program that fits your needs. From maintenance programs to operators, and everything in between, we'll develop a sustainable learning solution. Starting with a training assessment, we identify targeted skill gaps to focus initial efforts on to maximize impact and your investment. RCI utilizes various delivery methods – from online to on-site, mobile and hands-on instruction. Our training model engages participants throughout the training process and incorporates extensive practical application of concepts.

Below are some outcomes of having a comprehensive training programs:

  • Well-qualified industry workforce with independent verification of skills and abilities
  • A clear directory of technical skills and education necessary for workers to be successful
  • Increased efficiency/productivity and decreased downtime
  • Clear standards of performance and competency for each level within the position
  • A standardized training structure and process for each position
  • Career pathways and progression identified
  • Current gaps assessed in the workforce and develop plan to address immediate needs
  • Methods for evaluation to measure the success of training through KPI metrics, performance evaluations, & development plans
  • Reduced business risk by developing pipeline of skilled workforce
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Alignment with business strategy or goals